Sunday, 26 September 2010

Delicious Demi doms again!

It's been a while, I know. It's not that I've been doing nothing - in fact I've been doing quite a bit, so much so that I've not had the time to share.

I recently found myself with some spare cash in my pocket. This always gets me, knowing I have money to spend and weighing up all the possibilities. In actual fact, the act of thinking about what I could spend the money on is often the best part of it - fantasising about things that I could make reality is always a winner.

Anyway, I was in Warwick for work - first time in a long time. I've had some great experiences here - Demi the sexy escort, another cute little asian escort who enjoyed busting my balls and my first serious femdom experience all took place in the days when I used to work more over that way.

I decided to see Demi again - it had been a few years, but I had such fond memories of her. I called her, same friendly gal I remember, made an appointment straight away.

When I arrived, she opened the door and I saw the same super fit, toned sexy thing I had visited maybe four years previously. She obviously works out, as her ass and legs are about as good as they get - long, toned, slim and tanned, topped with the cutest, tightest arse you have ever seen.

She asked me what I wanted - ater some stuttering on my part, I explained I wanted to worship her feet/shoes, worship her ass hole, all whilst she busted my balls! Suffice to say she seemed quite happy to do this, that little glint in her eye telling me she would probably enjoy it as much as I would.

'You'd better get your clothes off then', she said. I quickly stripped, neatly folding my clothes onto a chair. My cock was rock hard - she looked at it and smiled.

Demi lay on the bed, on her back. She lifted her legs up into the air, revealing a pretty, shaved pussy under her sexy mini skirt (no knickers). I stood by the bed, so that her feet rested against my chest.

'Lick them', she ordered, 'I want them clean'. This was a really effective position - I looked down at her feet (with sexy high heels on), I could see her legs and her perfect ass. Whilst dutifully (and in a state of extreme arousal) cleaning her shoes with my tongue, she was free to use the other foot to stick her heel into my chest and stomach. I licked and licked at both feet, as she dug her heels into me.

'You want me to kick your balls?' she asked. 'Yes please Mistress Demi' I begged. As I continued to lick her shoes, with the other foor she now proceeded to kick me in the balls - first gently, but as she saw how I liked it she got harder and harder. This was heaven!

'I think it's about time you got to work on my arse', she said. She turned over on the bed, so that she was on all fours, her knees on the edge of the bed so I could get to her ass.

'Get cleaning boy', she ordered. I pulled her cheeks apart, saw the most perfect little ass hole. I began to kiss and lick it. Gently at first, but as I got more aroused I started to stick my tongue in her hole. I held her amazing ass cheeks with my hands, all the time feeling her pertness in my face. As I was doing this, Demi realised she could heel me in the balls! Ouch! But how wonderful!!

'That's it, clean my ass good and proper'. I was in heaven - my brain had exploded with endorphins, being allowed to worship such a perfect ass, whilst the sexy little thing happily busted my balls with her feet. I did this for quite some time, all the time trying to get deeper into her ass with my tongue, as the pain in the pit of my stomach from her ball kicking made me even more aroused. I could have done that for ever!

'I want you to come for me', she exclaimed. She moved herself so she was sat on the edge of the bed. I was on the floor in front of her, kneeling up, with her right foot strategically positioned between my legs (below my balls).

'Wank that cock for me'. I began to wank - as I did so, Demi began to kick me in the balls. In this position, she could see my reaction as she kicked, which seemed to excite her even more. I could see it in her eyes - what I always remembered about Demi, she actually enjoys herself! I continued to wank my rock hard cock, she continued to kick my balls, with rythm and increasing force.

'I'm coming', I groaned. With this, she increased the rate of kicks, so that as I came she was repeatedly busting my poor ball sack. I came - an immense orgasm, making me shudder and spurt my spunk. A nice touch - once I had come, Demi continued kicking me for a short while - this really hurt (which I'm sure she knew) but for me it reinforced the fact that she was in control.

A fantastic experience. Demi is still one of the best escorts in the Midlands, definitely the best escort in Warwick. I look forward to seeing her again.

If you're in the area go and see Demi >

Saturday, 24 July 2010

Balls are made for hurting

This is true. The reason we have balls is so that sexy women can hurt them, or make us hurt ourselves for their amusement. Inspired by this fact this morning I performed the following homage to sexy, spiteful women.

I was stripped naked, I'd been looking at porn so had plenty to be punished for. I tied a shoelace around my balls, very tight. I tied a plastic carrier bag (from a supermarket) to the shoelace, by the handles.

I proceeded to place items in the bag, so that they were being carried by my balls. First a large roll of bin liners, quite heavy. The feeling of pulling down on my balls was painful but strangely very erotic. I had a huge erection. Next to go in was a large bottle of detergent (full). This really upped the ante, suddenly causing me intense pain and aching in the pit of my stomach. Still horny though. Finally another bottle of detergent, this time taking me to the point where I thought i could not handle the pain.

With this huge weight hanging off my balls, I started to walk. The bag and its contents starting to bang between my legs, causing the most painfull sensations. I decided to wank my cock. Boy was that a bad idea, the act of vigorously jerking my cock made the bag bounce up and down...ouch!

I did this for a while then decided I should come. I managed to wank myself enough so that I had the most intense orgasm whilst simultaneuosly hurting my balls.

I will do this again. Happy wankin.

Thursday, 6 May 2010

It's been a while I know...

Life sometimes works against my dark desires, hence I've not had the chance to post on here for quite some time. If any of you were reading regularly I can only apologise! Here's a snippet anyway:

Yes Mistress Kerry

An exciting self initiated experience I had during my wifes recent trip away. A young lady who used to work for me, called Kerry, is a very sexy and flirty 22 year old - super slim and petite, just the way I like em! I would often fantasise about her in lots of different scenarios, the most popular being her as a domme as she seemed to have a natural tendency towards that.

I decided I should abuse myself in her honour. I found a picture of her holding a glass of white wine - it occured to my filthy mind that this could quite easily be a glass of piss! I decided that Mistress Kerry would enjoy seeing me drink my own piss from a wine glass.

I printed out the picture of her, with the words 'drink this' on it. I pinned it up in my toilet. After some inspirationl porn watching, whilst drinking lots of water, I ended up in my toilet, on my knees in front of Mistress Kerry. I pissed into a wine glass, pretty much filled it up. I sat it in front of me, where she could see it also.

I looked at her, and simply followed her order - DRINK IT - I put my mouth to the glass and slowly began to drink it all down. It was warm and salty, I felt unbelievably horny as I drank it all down for her. She looked amused.

I'd printed another picture, where she stated EAT YOUR OWN CUM - I lay on the cold, hard floor and started to wank myself. Just as I was on the verge of an orgasm, I stopped and relaxed, allowing my cum to seep out onto the floor, but still feeling aroused.

I looked at Mistress Kerry, she said to me - EAT IT YOU PATHETIC PERV - I put my head down to the floor, and began to lick it up. It tasted very strong and salty there were some big lumps that had to be 'sucked' up off the floor - this was quite disgusting but I was pleased to do it for the Mistress.

Now, with my own piss and cum inside me, I decided Mistress Kerry would really go for it now - she proably wouldn't believe how disgusting I am. I took a very large cucumber in my hand and began to suck it. I loved the feeling of it filling my mouth, all the while looking straight at her for her approval.

Having sucked it for a while, I decided she would enjoy seeing me fuck myself. I lubed the cucumber with a bit of oil, and tried to insert it into my arse. It was huge, bigger than anything I'd put up there before. I looked at her, she told me to try harder. I obliged her, it started to slide in.

I must have looked such a site, on the floor face down with a huge cucmber shoved up my arse! I got it halfway, looked at her - she willed me to push it in further. I did, pushing it as far as it would go. It felt enormous, hurt quite a bit but was nice at the same time. I proceeded to fuck my self, slowly at first but steadily getting quicker.

All the while, looking at Mistress Kerry, I knew she wanted me to do the unthinkable! I slowly slid it out of my arse. I held it in front of me - I could smell my own shit on it. I looked at her again - there was no doubt in my mind what she wanted - for her I put it up to my lips and opened them. I put the tip in my mouth. I took it in further, gladly sucking and licking the huge cucumber that had just been up my arse! Like a good slave, I licked and sucked until it was clean.

I lay there on my back, feeling digustingly horny. I spread my legs and gave my balls a painful wack with the cucumber. I realised I could piss again, so I relaxed enough so that piss started spurting out of my semi-erect cock. I aimed for my mouth and washed down a load more, repeatedly. I started writhing around on the floor, in my own piss - I even licked some up off the floor.

Eventually I cam again, this time properly. I lay there, looking at the Mistress, noticing the smirk of approval on her face.

Until the next time...hopefully not quite so long though!
Happy Wankin

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

Suck this you bi sissy

Is there anything better than being ordered by a sexy woman to suck a nice, big, juicy cock?

Friday, 26 February 2010

I've been on a wank-holiday

Just wanted to let you all know since my wifes week away (when I got up to all sorts, will post explicit details on here as soon as I get chance) I've had such a busy time with work I've not even had a wank! I'm getting ready again as my wife is away again for 10 days from next Tuesday :-) I can already feel the rumble of intense arousal bubbling beneath the surface!

Sunday, 14 February 2010

Time for some real punishment

I've been such a bad boy this weekend (more on that later) so it is only right that I am now punished for my perverted behaviour. First things first my cock and balls need some pain inflicting upon them!

My balls presented for some punishment:

A few good slaps to those will soon have me hurting!!